Ballsy version 16
(Lottso! Express HD)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, start a new game (so you can see a fresh grid and set of six balls) and STOP. Now start my Ballsy and hover your mouse on your gold Rank area at the top left of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing the game over and over. Torch or Google Chrome, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

16 (9.10.2019) Not sure why it originally came out somewhat smaller than the other new ones, but they finally decided to stretch Lottso Express wider to their standard 800 pixels. This completely broke the auto, of course, as everything had to move accordingly: buttons, ball slots, popups, the very many scratch cards, you name it.
15 (1.15.2019) Converted into the new Html5 version. Removed all previous options. Currently capable of all challenges and ranking out. Reaches third goal (3,500 points) most of the time, fourth goal (7,000) quite a bit, fifth goal (11,000) occasionally... especially with a little lucky assistance from the Mega scratcher's smiley face repeater. Keep your Speed at 80 or less, otherwise bad stuff will happen: the game struggles to stay caught up, ignores legal clicks, balls get wacky. Once I get caught up and time permits, I may come back and tweak this one's intel a little more since it's one of my favorite games.
14 (5.6.2013) Another stall on the game summary Play Again screen. They had moved/hidden the game side 1,000 pixels south, underneath your monitor... but now put it back. Thanks for letting me know, Jim.
13 (11.11.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
12 (6.6.2012) Some of you still have the older, different Game Result screen with a built-in Play Again button. Not sure why or how you did that, as we have the newer popup Score Summary screen with a yellow Play Again button. Hopefully this version should cover both styles.
11 (4.24.2012) This morning's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
10 (4.10.2012) The score summary screen got changed yet again.
9 (2.28.2012) They added a new score summary screen at the end of the game, with a different Play Again button. Thanks for letting me know, James.
8 (1.31.2012) The game is now part of the long, browser-embedded future, rather than the older pop-up window style. Easy fix.
7 (12.24.2011) For some unknown reason, they scrambled up the title bar of the game and Ballsy couldn't find it. Now the auto looks for either style.
6 (2.10.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
5 (4.22.2009) At rank 40, you will unlock the new Pick 2 scratch cards. Ballsy couldn't see them (so they were ignored), but not any more. Thanks for your help, Barbara and Steve.
4 (4.22.2009) It was brought to my attention that the Fast Rank option should also scratch those first 6 scratchers. I completely forgot about that extra scratcher badge requiring 20,000 scratch cards. So now, Fast Rank waits to hit New Game until after all 6 have been scratched first. That's the only change made to this update. Except for very rare occurrences, this ensures that you have collected 36-46 placed balls, 14 bingos and 6 scratched cards per game. And therefore, you are getting credit towards rank 50, the 50k bingos badge and now also the 20k scratch badge. Hourly, at 100 speed, you should be witnessing around 100 games, 4500 balls placed, 1500 bingos, 600 scratchers and 14000 tokens or so. Another note on any stalling: keep your mouse over the game's Goal area. If Ballsy stalls on you, try lowering the speed to 95 or less to allow the java to catch up. This game is filled with animation and 100 speed could cause a java backup issue. I have actually seen Bingo! signs that would not fade away and was forced to load a fresh room.
3 (4.21.2009) Added a neat little option called Fast Rank. I figured it would be quickest to only fill the initial screen's 36 crate slots and skip everything else (scratching all those cards, waiting for them to be added to your progress bar, waiting for the 6 crates to slide out and slide in the big purple one, the fact that the Mega bonus scratcher might waste another 10 to 60 seconds with repeated scratchings). So instead, Ballsy's Fast Rank option will just fill the front board and quit, over and over. By the way... if you enable this option, you will be defaulting to the Mega intel since it is needed to fill the entire board quickly. You will also have a ton of losses showing in your stats, I imagine.
2 (4.21.2009) For some of you, a Refill-Cancel popup was appearing once in a great while and stalling the auto. Cancel should be clicked now. Thanks for letting me know.
1 (4.21.2009) In Ballsy's options, check mark the appropriate intel that you desire and the auto will randomize between your checked choices for each full game. If you choose Mega, Ballsy will wait until all 6 crates are full before scratching the screen away. When performing Super intel, the auto will pursue Super scratchers by filling just either side of the board. And likewise, the Lottso intel will scratch any 2 adjacent crates to bring constant Lottso scratch cards. I included all 3 intels for future challenges, of course, but feel free to check only those you wish the auto to use. There is constant animation in this game with sliding crates and fading bingo bonuses, so I recommend keeping your mouse over the Goal area at the empty upper right of the game to make sure everything is smooth. I originally wrote this auto to place one ball at a time and re-check the screen for changes, but everything was way too slow that way (animation delays). It's much faster this way, slamming down full 6-racks at a time... trust me.
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