Crappy version 52 (9 different crappy games)  9 in one!

Hover your mouse (Double Deuce Poker HD):  As shown in the picture below, navigate to the site's Double Deuce Poker HD game and STOP. Now start my Crappy and hover your mouse on the gold Bet Max button at the bottom of your game, exactly as the pink arrow down there is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start bet maxing/holding/dealing your cards.
Hover your mouse (Vaults of Atlantis):  As shown in the picture below, navigate to the site's Vaults of Atlantis game and STOP. Now start my Crappy and hover your mouse on the grey Bet Max button at the bottom of your game, exactly as the pink arrow down there is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away, start spinning your reels and playing the bonus games.
Hover your mouse (Hog Heaven):  As shown in the picture below, navigate to the site's Hog Heaven Slots game and STOP. Now start my Crappy and hover your mouse on the light grey Bet Max button at the bottom of your game, exactly as the pink arrow down there is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away, start spinning your reels and play the bonus game.
Still have old graphics?  For some reason, in Hog Heaven, maybe 5% of you are still loading the old smudgy graphics. Take a look at the picture below (and click it for a much larger version). See the crisper 3-d new stuff on the left? And the older grainy stuff on the right? The difference is completely night and day! If you have the older graphics on the right, the game site has not upgraded your game quite yet... and nobody knows why. I was able to pump out a side version for you guys (Crappy51a). There have been quite a few people that reported one of the other browsers loaded the new graphics (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, especially Opera or Torch). It has been narrowed down to be machine-specific. Not country regional, not internet-ip address, not even account related. There are people that can load the game with Chrome and have old graphics, then open Opera and have the new stuff using the same computer and account. Others can waltz ten steps across the room to use a laptop over there and have the new graphics. The game site has been made aware and either do not reply or give cheap excuses, such as blaming Chrome for not updating themselves... completely unwilling to take responsibility. Yeah, I guess Microsoft and Mozilla need to "update themselves" as well, because these same people are loading the old graphics on those browsers too. A third complaint was a phone callback (in which she got absolutely nowhere), with children laughing/playing in the background, pots and pans clanging. She thought she was about to hear "Honey... supper's ready in five!"

52 (7.2.2019) Ali Baba Slots, Backgammon and Showbiz Slots were removed from the game site.
52 (6.4.2019) Dice Derby, Lost Temple Poker and Spooky Slots were removed from the game site.
52 (8.28.2018) The old Double Deuce Poker java game is now html5. If your game stalls with "Not white 3" (or anything similar), simply lower your Speed option to 90 or less. The Draw button was getting backed up. This auto still relentlessly pursues royal flushes, straight flushes, 4 of a kinds, full houses, flushes, straights, 3 of a kinds, 2 pairs, jacks or better, whatever might yield your best payout and push rank progress.
51 (5.5.2015) I changed the intelligence for the spending of Hog Heaven's halos. The auto will now use them immediately, rather than waiting for gigantic-token pig-popping multipliers up there in the sky. Everything else is still the same... so just uncheck Crappy's Spend halos option if you would rather ignore them. Depending on your luck, halos appear every 5.13 minutes at top 100 speed (based on 12 testing hours).
50 (8.23.2014) The spin results popup screen (directly after a jackpot spin) had its Resume button slightly altered in Hog Heaven, which stalled the auto. I also now allow you to run multiple copies of Crappy using different browsers and multiple accounts.
49 (8.19.2014) More changes in Hog Heaven. The game is no longer a popup window, rather embedded into the browser. This brought yet another complete change of graphics (Bet Max button, bonus game, tutorial popup windows, popup Ok buttons, better 3-D flying pigs, you name it).
48 (5.3.2014) Hog Heaven was switched in the same way... to Flash. Again, like the Vaults tip (shown above), simply hover your mouse on the Bet Max button to get started.
47 (3.5.2014) Vaults problems. Those of you rare people with a chat font color of green (instead of purple like the rest of us), the game is now Flash and smooshed together with a west, south and east white strip on the borders. This is causing major color distortion. I now have the auto working for either style, but you'll need to hover your mouse on the Bet Max button to get started. Further, they installed a St. Patrick's Day theme which cuased more problems, so I am not sure if Crappy will need a quick update after the holiday. Do let me know.
46 (2.14.2013) Backgammon was reporting Blocked in the new version of Firefox.
45 (11.26.2012) Showbiz Slots (and a few others) are now embedded into the browser. However, this one was spelled incorrectly with no capital letters in the title bar (show biz slots)... in which Crappy could not find the game.
44 (11.19.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
43 (11.10.2012) One of Backgammon's popup windows (Doubles) was moved.
42 (11.6.2012) Their Backgammon game is severely broken, with ghost pieces that never get painted on the board (but are truly there). I found a workaround solution by first counting the pieces on the board. If each player doesn't have exactly 15, this tells me there are some ghosts out there. Luckily, clicking the Stand Up button instantly repaints the entire board for us. After, the auto will click No (I don't really want to stand up, I just needed your error repainted) and the game moves onward. Therefore, when setting up your private table, you must enable the "Allow players to watch game" option to take advantage of the band-aid fix I have established!
41 (10.5.2012) Spooky Sluts is now embedded into the browser, which broke Internet Explorer again.
40 (9.25.2012) Spooky Sluts was reporting Blocked in Internet Explorer. The auto should now be working in all three browsers again.
39 (8.2.2012) Ali Baba Sluts is now embedded into the browser. Since this is the third conversion in this auto, I went ahead and made the other 12 ready as well.
38 (7.31.2012) Cheryle wanted an option for using the halos in Hog Heaven Slots. Crappy now has a Spend halos checkmark option inside, which is checked by default. I suppose in future challenges when halos are not involved, we can keep things a tad faster by disabling the halos.
37 (7.27.2012) Hog Heaven Slots is now embedded into the browser.
36 (3.27.2012) Vaults is now embedded into the browser.
35 (12.28.2010) Edited some confusion in some of Crappy's options.
34 (10.20.2010) They also changed the three video pokers, Greenback and Dice Derby.
33 (10.19.2010) They changed Hog Heaven's window size this morning. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, S.B. and Mike.
32 (4.1.2010) This auto now plays the Lost Temple game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. If you are having any issues, Firefox might be the better browser choice.
31 (2.9.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue in Sweet Tooth 2 and Lost Temple. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course.
30 (5.1.2009) Thanks to Graham's request, I added my infamous Dummy feature to Backgammon. If you need more information on how to use Dummy properly, read the Questions section of my site. You just need two accounts playing at the same table. Also switched Sweet Tooth™ 2 (Classic) back to the old candy while I was in there, since they removed the Easter theme today.
29 (4.9.2009) Changed Classic (non-Caramel) Sweet Tooth™ 2 to the Easter theme. Also switched the last versions's non-club Blocked rooms back, since the game site did. Entirely re-wrote Vaults as well (broken bonus games and very old coding).
28 (12.9.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms in Ali Baba, Backgammon, Lost Temple, Sweet Tooth (classic) and Vaults. There was a lot to cover, so let me know if I missed anything. This auto is rather everywhere, thus requiring more attention. I think I got it all, though.
27 (12.2.2008) Sock Hop Slots added as 16th crappy game.
26 (9.23.2008) Spooky is now available again for the season... but some of the graphics were slightly changed inside.
25 (5.20.2008) Ali Baba Slots™ got a full makeoever.
24 (4.9.2008) After those rare jackpot spins, Hog Heaven's Resume button (Spin Results screen) was changed yesterday. Thanks, Nessa.
23 (3.25.2008) Old candy's back... and so is Crappy.
22 (3.16.2008) Slight Easter changes fixed for Classic mode of Sweet Tooth 2.
21 (1.10.2008) More Gammon changes. Sorry for all the updates. If anyone's Backgammon is not working, just let me know. And thanks Texas, you're a darling.
20 (1.4.2008) Backgammon's window size was changed back to the way it was a few months ago. I had seen the unnecessary push and knew they would fix it. Surprised it took this long. Auto should be Ok now.
19 (11.7.2007) After Sweet2's Classic jackpot spins, Crappy was occasionally clicking the HighScores list. I increased the jackpot timer delay to make it go away. And again, for those who emailed, Thanks for letting me know.
18 (11.6.2007) Updated for Sweet Tooth™ 2, Classic mode only. Use the Sweety auto for Caramel mode instead. The new intelligence inside plays smarter than the last Sweet Tooth™ did (here in this auto), as it now goes after the largest combinations instead (total candy removed). Not much more to say here, just wanted to make sure the Crappy users were still able to play the "crappy" Classic version of the game. Also fixed a few KeepChat problems in some of the older slot games. For those who emailed, Thanks for letting me know.
17 (10.9.2007) Fixed window size changes made to Backgammon as well.
16 (10.9.2007) They changed all the Spooky buttons, fixed.
15 (10.2.2007) Spooky updated for Halloween.
14 (9.26.2007) They made changes to just about everything in the three crappiest video pokers (buttons, cards, locations). All fixed, I hope. Hell, I didn't know any of you were actually playing in those crappy ones... lol. Thanks for letting me know!
13 (9.8.2007) No changes made. There was a false virus reported by Avast. The fake infection magically vanished after I re-created this identical updated .exe version. I apologize for their annoyance.
12 (3.28.2007) Fixed Tuesday's gammon changes that reverted back to the older game pieces.
11 (3.7.2007) Fixed gammon and temple changes.
10 (12.22.2006) Fixed Hog Heaven bonus round a few of you had trouble with, and a Doubly issue with the halo hovering. Thanks for sending the pictures, guys.
9 (12.20.2006) As promised, Crappy has continued to grow! Now with the addition of Hog Heaven, this magnanimous auto plays 15 different games and can help you acquire an unheard of 63 different badges. The intelligence in Crappy will amaze you while playing. Notice the auto "looking ahead" at previously-fallen pigs, and possible future-falling pigs, to make its halo decisions. It will also save your halos until there's something worthwhile to spend them on, but will always use your 3rd halo to avoid waste. The auto is set to click Bet Max by default, or you can uncheck the option if you would rather choose your own set of betting/lines and only click the Play button instead. Here at BadgeWinners, HH is included as a free update, making all of you who purchased Crappy in the past very smart little piggies!
8 (11.1.2006) Covers everything in Sweet Tooth™ now, even next year, valentine's, halloween junk, bleach products, etc. Also tweaked a few non-club "Blocked" messages (Vaults, video pokers). All 14 autos are working in club, non-club, sun java or vm. Thanks to everyone that reported the new problems.
7 (10.5.2006) Sweet Tooth™ got some chocolate bats for Halloween.
6 (9.26.2006) What a scary thought, Crappy now plays Spooky Slots. There is no trick to playing this holiday version of the game and what a treat to have the ability to play 14 different games with one $10 purchase.
5 (6.18.2006) Backgammon and Greenback Bayou have landed. All previously registered Crappy owners just got 2 more autos for free. I also fixed Lost Temple in non-club accounts... it no longer displays "Blocked". Crappy version 5 now plays 13 different crappy online games, not just the two you see options listed for inside. This single auto is capable of double browsing and winning 50 different badges.
4 (5.8.2006) Dice Derby is the 11th addition to this outstanding auto. Two options help you control the risk of avoiding hazards. Another $10 savings for all of my Crappy users!
3 (3.30.2006) As promised, Lost Temple was included free inside this miracle auto. Looks like you're saving $50 now (if you squander these ten elsewhere, lol). Did you know you could mix and match any variation of Crappy's 10 games using 2 separate accounts and browsers? And I added two new options, specifically for Temple! "Hold adventures" automatically holds all adventure cards that Crappy may encounter. And if you want to fly through the ranks, "Temple rank" forces the auto to only hit Deal, then Draw, Deal, Draw, etc. So you guys can put your "I like to jam my Enter key with this paperclip" contraptions and the XU SuperGlue back where you found them. Another important bit of knowledge is that you are no longer forced to "Bet Max" and drain your tokens! Just manually place your initial bet when you start your Temple game and Crappy will recognize your frugal self. Right, Jaime? Honk, honk! So sit back, pour yourself a Cosmopolitan, and watch this fox of an auto run. As my competitor says, "I don't make 'em, I just break 'em. And I am not the one who pays, YOU ARE... again and again for the same EVERCHANGING code you should have had right the first time!"
2 (3.8.2006) As usual, this site is on the cutting edge. Where else can you go to get one auto program with multiple titles inside for the price of $10? That is right, I have added four more titles (Double Deuce, Jacks or Better, Jokers Wild and Sweet Tooth) to Crappy, making it a monster of an auto for a steal. What more could you ask for? And of course, there is more to come! The upcoming Lost Temple video poker will be added to this auto as another free upgrade. Why go anywhere else and spend $40 or more? You can use the Doubly feature to mix and match any of the nine titles now offered inside Crappy. You won't find this feature or five star customer service at the so-called competitor, nor anywhere else!
1 (2.13.2006) Tired of getting crapped on by other auto makers? By popular demand, I proudly present "Crappy". This is a collection of all the crappy autos you don't want to purchase separately but might need for that one time when there is a challenge. At this point, Crappy plays Ali Baba™, Sci-Fi, Showbiz, Showbiz II and Vaults of Atlantis. In time, it will be loaded with more crap. Hopefully version 2 will contain Double Deuce, Jokers Wild, and Jacks or Better video poker. Watch the website for updates... it's Crappy!
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