Daily version 18
(Word Search Daily HD)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, navigate to a fresh pink game (where you can see its 8x8 grid of letters) and STOP. Now start my Daily and hover your mouse on the Timer area at the top-right corner of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing puzzles over and over. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

18 (5.22.2019) They changed the number "8" to the word "Easy" down in the skill level area, which forced them to spread apart the two < arrow > buttons, which confused the auto.
17 (5.17.2019) Installed a 5-minute death timer (you can view every time the auto says "Finished?"), which will break out of any dead games that are taking too long by clicking their New Game button. There are a few rare puzzles with 2-letter words that Daily will never find, so that... covers that. Also added Daily Puzzle and Refresh Browser check mark choices, so pick your poison. Select my Random Puzzle option for random puzzle challenges. choose my Daily Puzzle option for daily puzzle challenges (which also automatically/eventually clears out your calendar, by the way). And once your calendar is completely finished, pick my Refresh Browser option if you want to continue working on your rank. Because you currently receive credit for just one puzzle every time the game loads, but none after that.
16 (5.7.2019) Converted to the new Html5 version of the game. I removed the old Go for bonus words option. For now, check mark the Random Puzzles option if you want to play them. Otherwise, the auto will default to the Daily Puzzle button. I will probably include the Calendar as a future option when time permits. Make sure you are using the default background (pink, upper-left corner in their Settings). There are 518 legal moves on the 8x8 board (for 3-8 letter words) and I will click them all... and then keep trying additional passes. If it's repeatedly missing some words after a full 518-attempt, simply lower your Speed option to allow the mouse a little more drag time (and help the Html5 keep up). Or you could try a different web browser that might hang better. If you want to hide the word list for "Bonus Puzzles" credit, knock yourself out. Daily doesn't care.
15 (12.31.2016) Some of you had a moved game summary Play Again button. Hopefully this version should cover both.
14 (9.18.2014) Added a new Go for bonus words check mark option. A little bird told me you guys were manually clicking Random Puzzle, then New Game, over and over and over until a blue bonus word finally appeared. This option will do that for you and quickly cover those Find 50 bonus words challenges. But make sure you also have my Random Puzzles option slid all the way to 100 or it's not gonna work! I also recommend playing on Easy difficulty for even faster progress. Thanks for the suggestion, Carol.
13 (4.11.2014) The game summary Play Again popup window was coming up as Blocked, which stalled the auto in Firefox.
12 (11.12.2012) The Nov9 Words with ...ology puzzle was not finding the 2-letter words because the auto was programmed to only click words with 3 or more. This version now clicks the twos as well. Nice find, Walter. Also updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
11 (9.22.2012) Not found in Internet Explorer. Thanks for letting me know, Sandra.
10 (9.17.2012) Recently, a bad change was made (by the game site or Adobe) to the flash. It's like an evil portal was left open, with the flash now fighting desperately for the graphic chip. I am sure you've seen the white splotching effect. Therefore, some of the autos that have intense color reading have become sluggish... and Daily is one of them. I changed the way I read the game and it's much faster now.
9 (8.8.2012) The choice between the Random or Calendar buttons was acting moody, sometimes hitting the wrong one based on your Random Puzzles option. Not sure how that happened, but hopefully it's fixed now.
8 (8.3.2012) They broke the Play Daily Puzzle button. Before, when the game was a popup window, this button conveniently took us back to the last unfinished date of your calendar. Now, in embedded mode, the button keeps playing today's date over and over. Therefore, I coded the entire calendar and now click the Calendar button instead to keep the auto cruising backwards in time.
7 (7.27.2012) The game is now embedded into the browser with a new game summary Play Again button.
6 (10.19.2010) They changed the window size this morning. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, WB and Donna.
5 (2.15.2008) No changes made. There was a false virus reported by AVG. The fake infection magically vanished after I re-created this identical updated .exe version. I apologize for their annoyance.
4 (11.2.2007) Fixed the new Random Puzzle "Submitted By" Ok button issue, and they moved the jackpot spinner. Nothing much.
3 (10.24.2007) Added Vollyball theme. Want to say thanks to the people that took time to let me know.
2 (6.26.2007) Missed a theme (Jan 15). Also threw in two of their error OK buttons that you will probably never encounter, but what the hell. Thanks for yet another overwhelming response to this powerful auto! You like that, don't ya?

1 (6.26.2007) The wonder auto Daily is here! With the capability of completing puzzles in 3-4 seconds (if your computer can handle 100 speed), it can finish the entire 6-month calendar of daily puzzles within one hour or less! Bonus puzzles do not count toward earning badges, but I included an option for them in case of future challenges. Unless you use the Random puzzle option I included, Daily will begin with the first day you have not completed and pick off each day thereafter. So you will never need to manually choose any unfinished days! Another amazing thing is there won't be a need for any daily updated word lists! The auto should cover every new day, finding your words and letting you get on with your Daily business before you finish that first sip of coffee!

  • Random Puzzles. The default setting is "0", which will never play any of the random bonus puzzles at all. To change things up a bit and play one random puzzle every 4 games, you would set this to 25%. Hopefully, the future will yield some weekly challenges or mix-n-matches that this option can utilize.
  • Speed. Adjust this to what your computer will handle, if you don't care for the slow 25 default speed. And if you can slide all the way to 100, sit back and watch the puzzles fly by and pop-ups telling you another badge is earned at warp speed! If you experience any game play problems, first try lowering this game Speed option, which usually fixes any jerkiness, stalls, etc. that you may see. Remember, 100 speed is not for everyone.
  • Doubly. Don’t forget this nifty addition to all autos. Play two screen names at one time... it's neat to see two accounts flip-flop back and forth, word for word!
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