Peaky version 24
(Tri-Peaks Solitaire HD)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

24 (6.9.2022) All of the games had their Continue Game intermission screen altered, which stalled the autos.
23 (1.25.2022) As of today's date, it's fixed and works for me with Google Chrome. Resizes the inner child browser to a uniform 848x600 size, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere.
22 (6.24.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
21 (4.23.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
20 (4.11.2020) Any Continue Game and Okay! button screen stalls should now be covered in both Torch and Google Chrome (in Win7 through Win10).
19 (3.2.2020) The game got its Continue Game screen adjusted, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
18 (4.2.2019) They altered the cards and slightly adjusted some of the upper layout coordinates, which caused the auto to misread a few of them.
17 (10.28.2018) Converted into the new Html5 version. Therefore, the "side A" file (for people loading old Flash graphics) is no longer needed/available. Removed the previous Use wild and quit and Quick loss options, as they were basically worthless... especially since there's no longer a New Game button. But I did add a new Burst check mark option for quickly clicking away the longest visible streak. If Burst at top 100 Speed breaks their game, simply lower my Speed option a tad bit (or just don't even use Burst at all).
16/16a (5.26.2017) After adding new ranks, they changed the entire game's graphics for people using browsers that load the new graphics. This includes the card faces/backs and all popup window buttons. Those using the 15a side version for old graphics were untouched.
15/15a (1.22.2016) Now some of you have a moved game summary Play Again screen again... after the final chest. Both styles should be covered in this version.
14/14a (11.7.2015) A weird Back to full screen? Yes-No popup stalled the auto after winning a badge at the final chest for people with the new graphics. Not sure if it exists for old graphics people too, so I tried to code it blind anyway in the "side A file". While in both, I installed a new Use wild and quit check mark option for all of those wild-spending challenges. If you enable it, the auto will blow your wild at the beginning of the next game and immediately quit. This gives you a quicker chance of getting more.
13 (11.13.2014) Some people had a different game summary Play Again screen, taller badges on the left-bottom corner stalled the auto.
12 (8.6.2014) Everything was changed with a new face-lift. The card faces, card backs, wilds, all popup buttons, jackpot spin, you name it. Thanks for letting me know, James.
11 (5.21.2014) Added a new Quick Loss option. When enabled, it will zip through the draw pile to simply finish the hand. This is great for those "Play 80 hands this week" challenges. Thanks for the suggestion, Brian!
10 (5.7.2014) They removed the game summary Play Again popup window and put the old-school in-game Play Again button back. Thanks for letting me know, Marcie.
9 (4.26.2014) It appears that we are all now 100% converted to Flash. So version 9 should cover everyone at this point.
9 (3.18.2014) The game is now Flash, but not for everyone. In fact, not for many at all (yet). If your chat's font color is green, you are Flash and this version 9 is for you. Otherwise, your chat color is purple (Java)... so you need to use the old version 8 until your account has been updated.
8 (6.15.2013) And... they moved it back down 1,000 pixels south. This version checks both places. Not sure why they do the things they do.
7 (6.9.2013) Another stall on the game summary Play Again screen. They had moved/hidden the game side 1,000 pixels south, underneath your monitor... but now put it back. Thanks for letting me know, Virginia and Elizabeth.
6 (12.4.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
5 (4.26.2012) Tuesday's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
4 (3.27.2012) The game is now embedded into the web browser with a different Play Again screen, which stalled the auto. There's also an ugly white strip separating the chat, which I assume they will fix. This will probably require another update, so just let me know when it happens.
3 (10.19.2010) They changed the window size this morning. Easy fix. Thanks for letting me know, Sheila. Also fixed the buttons that were stalling when playing on the UK side while I was in there.
2 (9.26.2007) They changed all of the advancement buttons. Fixed them, and threw Peaky in my latest shell (Control key pauses now, Doubly fixed, auto-updates itself, smoother auto, etc.)
1 (3.18.2006) Another unmatched auto. If you haven't learned how to take advantage of my Doubly technology, now would be a great time. All you need is the desire to play two accounts at the same time and a free Firefox browser installation. Learn more in my FAQ section. The "Wild max" option inside Peaky lets you control when to use your Wild cards. And as for any auto, slow my Speed setting down or switch java platforms if your computer doesn't seem to be properly Peaking your online game. A 70% win-loss ratio is a normal average.
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