Questy version 8

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, go to the game's opening books selection screen and STOP. Now start my Questy and hover your mouse on the big gold letter Q in StoryQuest at the top left corner of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start playing Beauty and the Beast's episode 1 over and over. Torch or Google Chrome, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

8 (5.31.2018) Torch was 100% untouched. But some of you recently received slightly-altered graphics in Google Chrome. Thanks for the snapshots, everyone.
7 (4.24.2018) The yellow Continue Game button was moved after this morning's maintenance.
6 (12.6.2017) The Html5 games received a different Stats page with new Continue Game button.
5 (11.17.2017) More changed graphics in some Google Chromes (their opening Books selection page and the yellow Play Again button screen).
4 (8.5.2017) Some of your Google Chrome browsers recently altered the graphics.
3 (5.18.2017) A few of you had issues with the yellow Play Again button stalling. Not any more.
2 (5.12.2017) Last Tuesday, they darkened all graphics for Google Chrome. Why? Who cares. Those of using this auto with GC were forced to switch to Torch, thankfully. My computer now runs both T and GC just fine, over and over. Important discovery: they removed their little "Hey, you misclicked too often" popup delay when running at top speed sometimes. This means the auto is now a good 4x faster! Check it out... crank Questy's speed option to 100, now that we can!
1 (2.24.2017) Auto #126. Registration codes start with the CAPITAL letter C and the number Six (C6). Very simply put, I will repeat Beauty and the Beast Episode 1 over and over. That's it... and should cover just about all of our future challenges: play X episodes, play X levels, find X objects, find X "special" objects, play X levels without using hints, etc. At this time, I will not be including every single book's four episodes. It costs gems and is very time-consuming/annoying. Questy is available for Episode 1's in-game badge and all future challenges only (hopefully). Unfortunately, this html5 game is loading with completely different graphics in ALL browsers. Therefore, I took the time to code the auto twice (including the differences inside both Torch and Google Chrome). I have a feeling I will be copy-pasting this to quite a few non-readers. Use T or GC if you want Questy to play StoryQuest!
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