Sanctuary version 9
(Mahjong Sanctuary)

Torch or Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Torch and Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. I am no longer supporting any other browsers because they usually load completely different (distorted) graphics and are sluggish/worthless besides.

9 (6.5.2022) All of the games had their Continue Game intermission screen altered, which stalled the autos.
8 (1.24.2022) As of today's date, it's fixed and works for me with Google Chrome. Resizes the inner child browser to a uniform 848x600 size, so there's no need to hover the mouse anywhere.
7 (6.8.2021) Since the old Classic Experience is no longer available, I switched the auto to the New Experience. The auto should resize your browser (Torch or Chrome only) and find the game automatically.
6 (6.24.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
5 (4.23.2020) Continue Game and Okay! buttons moved again.
4 (3.17.2020) The Continue Game button was moved again, which stalled the auto there after Tuesday morning's maintenance.
3 (2.26.2020) The game got its Continue Game screen adjusted, which stalled the auto there after yesterday morning's maintenance.
2 (11.16.2019) Added level 4 for season/flower challenges. So simply check mark which level you prefer in my options before starting the auto. I also removed 10 pointless clicks in level 1, as they were unnecessary (now 26 instead of 36).
1 (8.5.2019) Registration codes start with the CAPITAL letter C and the number two (C2). Sanctuary is replacing the dead Monky auto... so if you purchased that auto in the past, you own this one! Your registration code (and password) is exactly the same. If you are not sure, just ask me. I have an immaculate transaction history looker-upper that takes me just two seconds. Step 1: Manually beat the game's first 25 levels yourself. Step 2: Spend those 25 earned purple stars in any animal's Task List, which will unlock their Level Collection area and allow Level 1 to be repeated (because that's currently all this random-clicking auto will do). This is great for fast rank advancement, making combos, scoring points, matching tiles, winning games, etc. You may want to keep things a little smoother by lowering my Speed option a good bit, as their game tends to crash a lot (or wins "too early" without crediting stuff properly).
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