Stickem version 16
(Stack'em HD)

Hover your mouse:  As shown in the picture below, start a fresh game (where you can see all of your stacked farmyard friends) and STOP. Now start my Stickem and hover your mouse on their brown Difficulty rectangle at the top right corner of your window, exactly as the pink arrow down here is showing. The auto should recognize it, beep at you, snap your mouse away and start matching the animals for you. Google Chrome or Torch, people!
Google Chrome only:  These newer Html5 games were specifically coded/tested with Google Chrome on multiple machines and all operating systems. If your auto is having trouble connecting with their game while hovering your mouse properly (or any issues afterward), please try every other web browser available in your arsenal. Recommended... in order: Torch, Internet Explorer, Windows 10's Edge, Firefox ESR, SeaMonkey.

16 (6.19.2018) Converted to the new Html5 version of the game. Speed 100 might not be your friend, depending on your browser/computer, so lower it if needed. Same exact intel, prioritizing chains, combos, bombs and freezes. This update was specifically coded/tested in Google Chrome on multiple machines. If you are having issues, try every other web browser you have available.
15 (4.25.2016) The game summary screen was moved very north, which stalled the auto. Thanks for letting me know, Mary.
14 (1.15.2013) If you watch real close, you can see your entire game nudge north when the game summary screen appears. After you click Play Again, it seats itself back down where it was. This was throwing off the upper-left corner of your game.
13 (12.11.2012) Updated for Windows 8 compatibility.
12 (8.3.2012) Some of you still have the old unchanged game summary screen. This version covers both. Sorry for the continuous updates, just want everyone to be happy.
11 (8.2.2012) The game summary screen was moved 1 pixel south, stalling the auto.
10 (4.27.2012) Tuesday's maintenance brought a moved Play Again button.
9 (3.17.2012) There's now a brand new Play Again screen at the end of every game, which stalled the auto.
8 (6.1.2011) Some of you still had an even different game-ending Play Again button. This version should cover both yours and ours.
7 (5.20.2011) They changed the game-ending Play Again button. Easy fix. Thanks for making me aware, Myron.
6 (1.29.2011) Game completely switched to flash instead of java. Had to revamp the auto, including a new game-ending splash screen Play Again button.
5 (8.24.2010) The new black strips caused a minor issue. Easy fix. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you stay out of tabbed mode. Have your pop-ups open in a new window instead, as described in the Questions "Changing out of tab mode" section of my site. Or just use Firefox, of course. This auto now plays the game inside your Facebook window as well, if you are in to challenging scores and leaderboards with your friends. Thanks for letting me know they changed it this morning, Chris and Lorna.
4 (7.02.2009) They reverted back, so I fixed the non-club Blocked rooms again.
3 (12.5.2008) Fixed non-club Blocked rooms.
2 (12.2.2006) Half the size of version 1, it's the last title (finally) to switch into the new shell with all of the new options (Snoozy, Doubly, snapshot camera, Speed option). Stickem now pursues combos/chains as priority, causing an extreme intelligence for all difficulty levels. Bombs, freezes, combos, chains, you name it. In fact, it's engine pops away 5+ sets internally and chooses better solutions based on who's going to line up most after the pop. If you have any challenge or badge that needs huge streaks or anything similar, this auto is certainly in charge. And to prove this, I also included various text changes to the window that show you how it knows what it's doing before impressing you. Best Stack'em auto on the market, for sure. Doubly is fun to watch. Hell, all my autos are fun to watch, especially using their Doubly feature that they now have intalled!
1 (10.10.2005) It prioritizes bombs/freezes but still could use some more intel. I will be going back in the code as time permits. It's very fast and definitely gets the job done. Right now it works best on the Medium difficulty level. I am currently focused on finishing my Penguins and have already started the new Qwerty.
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